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Welcome: Yantai Quanhua Electric Co., Ltd
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About us

   Yantai Quanhua  Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, the company production base is located in Yantai City Economic and Technological Development Zone, design and edit the configuration design of the company is mainly engaged in the complete automation system involves the programming of the PLC touch screen, services for enterprises, companies with strong technical background, won the customers.
     In 2016 the company launched a trade service, involving all aspects of automation products, the company set up its own industrial mall. Mall Name: All China industrial mall
     At present, the industrial environment, the fight is not only the quality of products and prices, more important is the technical support services
Buy products more important is to buy a service before I tell you how to choose products why so choose after sale I tell you how to use the urgent customer's urgent
1) inverter / servo drive /PLC/ touch screen repair
2) PLC programming /DCS control system
3) variable frequency drive control system
4) / constant pressure water supply control system of central air conditioner (one to two / three / four water supply)
6) machine equipment electrical maintenance and transformation of 5 to undertake the design and production of electronic control system installation and commissioning of the late maintenance services
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